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1035176/18/2019CAS Outlook add-in: keystrokes in search fields do not work anymoreRecently, the behaviour occurs that text cannot be entered in the search fields of the CAS Outlook add-in anymore.
You can try to enter some text with your keyboard or the Windows OnScreen keyboard, but the typed text does not appear in the input fi...
CAS genesisWorldx10.1.0.10630x10.2.0.10754CAS genesisWorld | MS-Office Integration | Outlook Add-In
1027401/30/2019Windows 10: COM+/DCOM or MS DTC stops working after Microsoft Update December 2018Currently, there are several reports from our customers, that if installing a CAS genesisWorld application server on Windows 10 the used Windows package-user is no longer accepted.
The message "The specified package-user is invalid" appears. The ins...
CAS genesisWorldx8.3.0.8632 CAS genesisWorld | Systemumgebung / Konfiguration | Betriebssystem
1021245/23/2018Soccer World Cup 2018 betting game for CAS genesisWorld Web Dear customers,

the Soccer World Cup 2018 is about to start and we would like to surprise all CAS genesisWorld users with a special treat.
With our free World Cup betting game Soccerbet, which has been implemented as a SmartDesign web app, you pr...
CAS genesisWorldx9.1.13.9611 CAS genesisWorld
1012435/26/2014Cannot log on to the SmartDesign clientUsers can no longer log on to the CAS SmartDesign client with some installations.
When logging on to SmartDesign, the " error occurred" message is displayed in the browser.
CAS genesisWorldx5.0.0.5020x5.0.5.5231Cas genesisWorld
1012365/12/2014Users may not see certain columns when applying column rights settingsManagement Console: if access rights to individual data records have been defined on column level, it occasionally occurs that a user cannot see certain columns to which he or she should have access.

This requires the following combination:
1. A ...
CAS genesisWorldx4.1.5.4230x5.0.7.5251CAS genesisWorld | Systemumgebung / Konfiguration | SQL Server
10112912/19/2013add-ins are deactivated when starting MS Outlook/WordThe add-ins were activated when installing the software or via the settings or the registry (LoadBehaviour = '3').
When restarting MS Outlook or MS Word, the add-ins are always deactivated and/or set deactivated (LoadBehaviour = '2').

What could ...
 x4.0.0.4004 CAS genesisWorld | MS-Office Integration
10109811/19/2013No further releases for Apple devices running on iOS 5The support of devices running on the iOS 5 operating system will end with the next iOS app update 3.1.2.
CAS genesisWorldx4.0.0.4004 CAS genesisWorld | Mobile Apps
10108610/24/2013Problems using HTML e-mails with Internet Explorer 11When working with version x. or x5.0.2.5202 on systems where Internet Explorer 11 has been installed, problems occur when using HTML e-mails.

HTML e-mails cannot be replied to or forwarded as the editor field cannot be accessed. This als...
 x4.0.0.4004x5.0.2.5202CAS genesisWorld | Allgemeine Funktionen
10107010/11/2013Update: Release for Windows 8.1, Windows 2012 R2 or Internet Explorer 11CAS genesisWorld versions x4 until and including x. and/or x5 until and including x5.0.2.5201 are not yet released for systems on which Internet Explorer 11 (released on October 17, 2013) will be installed. This version of Internet Explorer x4.0.0.4004x5.0.2.5201CAS genesisWorld | Allgemeine Funktionen
1010338/2/2013Mobile sync problems with Android 4.3Address synchronization does no longer work correctly after updating to Android version 4.3.

- Addresses on the mobile device are removed if you have already set up a synchronization
- Addresses will not be synchronized if you have set up a new s...
 x3.0.0.3070x5.0.2.5203CAS genesisWorld | Schnittstellen | Mobile sync